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“I am healed of rheumatoid arthritis in the space of love, and I was protected from the cr
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I run a 24-hour convenience store, and there are times when I work at the store for more than 15 hours a day, and sometimes I work for a long time without being able to sit. In this situation, 2 years ago, I got rheumatoid arthritis. When I work up in the morning, my fingers were stiff, the pain and swelling continued throughout the day, and my joints were twisted and deformed. ...

“I was healed of adhesive shoulder arthritis.”

Manmin News   No. 726
September 11, 2022

Deaconess Soonok Nam (Age 56)

Since June 2022, I have suffered from pain in both shoulders, making my daily life uncomfortable.
Every time I moved my shoulders, there was a pricking pain in my shoulders, and it was very painful even when I was sleeping that I could not lie on my left or right side due to the pain. When my shoulders were pressed, it caused a stinging pain.

A hospital examination revealed that it was shoulder adhesive arthritis. I received medication and physical therapy as recommended by my doctor, but the pain did not go away.
I made up my mind to prepare well for the Manmin Summer Retreat to receive healing. I prayed earnestly with a longing heart. Also, I attended the ‘Online prayer meeting for the sick’ led by Mrs. Boknim Lee, the director of Manmin Prayer Center, held every Monday. Through this, God gave me a lot of grace and inspiration.

Then, on July 18, at the Online prayer meeting, my left shoulder was healed, and on the 25th, the right shoulder was healed, too. Since I earnestly sought and depended on God the Father, He healed me before I even went to the Summer Retreat. Now, there is no pain in both shoulders and there is nothing wrong with moving them freely.
I give all thanks and glory to God the Father who embraced me with great love, the Lord who gave me grace like a waterfall, and the Holy Spirit who led me to the way of answers.




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