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“As I understand the heart and will of God, I am happy to live a life of faith!” ‘Spiritual Growth Project’ hosted by the Pastors’ Association

Manmin News   No. 727
September 25, 2022

In Autumn, season of reading, our church is conducting ‘Senior Pastor’s Book reading campaign’ for three months from September 1 to November 30, as a part of the ‘Spiritual Growth Project’.
Pastors’ Association is helping the spiritual growth of church members by selecting 7 books from Dr. Jaerock Lee’s books; 『The Footsteps of the Lord』(Vol. 1 & Vol. 2), 『The Land Flowing with Milk and Honey』, 『Life of Disobedience and Obedience』, 『Seven Churches』, 『As Your Soul Prospers』 and 『The Keys to Studying Well』.
The collection of the lecture of the book of John, 『The Footsteps of the Lord』(Vol. 1 & Vol. 2) follows in the footsteps of Jesus and presents the secret of eternal life and the shortcut to blessing, and 『The Land Flowing with Milk and Honey』 makes us realize how much small things that are easily overlooked can have a profound effect on our lives through the history of Israel advancing toward Canaan, the land of blessing.
『Life of Disobedience and Life of Obedience』 explores the essence of problems in life and finds solutions through the ten plagues of Egypt in the book of Exodus.
『The Seven Churches』 gives lessons to the church and its members and helps them find the most ideal church image, while 『As Your Soul Prospers』 clearly outlines specific ways to lead a prosperous life by possessing true faith.
『The Keys to Studying Well』 is a guide to learning the secrets of studying by relying on the Word of God, which is the root of wisdom and knowledge, as well as achieving the goals in life.
The “Senior Pastor’s book reading campaign” was held twice last year, with a total of 16 books selected, including the books, 『The Message of the Cross』, 『The Measure of Faith』, 『Heaven』 (Vol. 1 & Vol. 2), 『Hell』, 『Abraham, the Friend of God』, 『Jacob whom I Have Chosen, Descendant of Abraham, My Friend』, and 『I Will Send Elijah to You』, and it brought active participation and enthusiastic response of the members.
The members greatly glorified God by experiencing the works of the Holy Spirit, such as spiritual growth, healing of diseases, and answers to the wishes of their hearts through the Words of God, which are the foundation of faith and provide the path of the true faith and the secret of blessing.
Deaconess Geumok Yoon (Age 76, Chinese Parish) realized the will of God while reading the books of Dr. Jaerock Lee, and acted in faith. As a result, she was completely healed of chronic atrophic gastritis and hyperproliferative polyps without surgery. Deaconess Moonja Kim (Age 73, Suncheon Manmin Holiness Church) experienced the disappearance of degenerative arthritis and a lump with a size of a fist behind her knee.
Deacon Sanghyeon Moon (Age 58, the 4th Parish) was able to read books as his eyesight improved, which could read only colored letters due to retinal damage. In addition, Deaconess Youngshim Gwak (Age 82, the 1st Parish) was blessed to be able to read Hangeul(Korean language), and Deaconess Soondeok Choi (Age 64, the 1st Parish) sold her house, which had not been sold for 12 years. As well, many members’ testimonies of healing, answers, and blessings continue.




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