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[Feature Story] 쁓elf-Righteousness that you insist your moral is superior to others
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There are the worldly righteousness, which is certainly against the will of God, and the self-righteousness formed on the foundation of the truth. The reason why it is not easy to discover self-righteousness is because those who have extensive knowledge of the truth and the faith to practice the truth to some extent may have formed it. ...

[Feature Story] I will never forget the day when Ebola was ended with the prayer of power!

Manmin News   No. 727
September 25, 2022

On July 31, during the Sunday Evening Service, Elder Sebastian Impeto Pengo(Kinshasa Manmin Church, D.R. Congo) delivered his testimonial sermon, who visited Korea to attend the 2022 Manmin Summer Retreat. He shared the testimony that Ebola had been ended by the prayer of the Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee, through him sermon entitled, 쏣verything is possible for those who believe.

It happened in 2014 while I was exercising my function of Governor of Ecuador Province in the D.R. Congo.
An epidemic broke in the city of Boende in the Djera sector, more or less 500 miles from Mbandaka, capital city of the province, seat of the Provincial Institutions. The disease took on worrying proportion in that the number of deaths increased every day. The government consisted three work team divided into three cities in Boende, Mbandaka, and Kinshasa. Our response strategy was monitoring the daily evolution on the ground. I led the team in Mbandaka. The contact cases increased every day with the risk of not reaching other contact cases.
The President of D.R. Congo called me to aske me to do everything so that the disease did not arrive in Mbandaka, at the risk of reaching Kinshasa the capital city at the risk of putting our country in isolation by the international community.
This was a really a heavy burden for me a big challenge. It means that the hope of whole people rested on my shoulders. There was nothing I could do. With the extreme difficulty and the burden on me, I talked to my pastor on the phone.
He said, 쐇f you believe, everything is possible. You will see God셲 glory if you believe. Then, I remembered the God of our shepherd, who makes possible what is impossible in the eyes of a human being. I sent a prayer request to Dr. Jaerock Lee our shepherd to implore the grace of God.
Amazingly, for 15 days from the day I received prayer from Dr. Jaerock Lee, there were no new cases, and even those who were sick were cured.
The President declared the end of the epidemic at the United Nation Podium. Hallelujah!

Elder Sebastian received a book with a title, 쏷asting Eternal Life before Death from a colleague. Reading the book, he was greatly moved by the testimony of Dr. Jaerock Lee who became a worldwide revivalist after being healed of all diseases by meeting God, and he became a member of Kinshasa Manmin Church.
When he registered in the church in 2009, he was a counselor of the Minister of Natural Environment and Tourism. After receiving the prayer of Dr. Jaerock Lee in 2011, he became the mayor of Mbandaka, the capital of Equateur. In 2013, he became the deputy governor of Equateur. He was then promoted to the governor after a position was vacated by the governor셲 medical treatment in 2014 when the Ebola broke in August.
On September 16 of that year, Elder Sebastian sent an email requesting prayer for the eradication of Ebloa virus to the Central Church, and after Dr. Jaerock Lee prayed for the end of Ebola on September 21, the Ebola came to an end in the D.R. Congo.




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