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My happiness comes by you, My joy increases by your company.
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My happiness comes by you, My joy increases by your company. ...

“All thanks and glory be to God who will fulfill all His providences!”

Manmin News   No. 730
November 6, 2022

The 40th Church Anniversary Celebration Service and Event

In celebration of our church’s 40th anniversary, we gave thanks and glory to God with celebration worship service and event. Especially this year, various events were held for two weeks on October 9 and 16 and added to the joy of the anniversary.
It was broadcast live through GCN TV and the Internet, interpreted into 8 languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, French, Mongolian and Vietnamese. People from the US, Israel, Canada, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Moldova, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Argentina, Chile, India, Sri Lanka and Egypt sent congratulatory messages to celebrate this anniversary.
On October 9 at 11:30 am, the Sunday Morning Service was offered with the Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee’s video sermon entitled, ‘The Church He Loves ? Heaven’ (Isaiah 60:1~3) and we gave thanks and glory to Father God who unfolds the spiritual world on this church with the Word of life, the power of God, and the culture of praise.
In the Evening Service at 3 pm, as a celebration service, Acting Senior Pastor Dr. Soojin Lee delivered a message entitled, ‘Arise, shine - for the battle is the LORD’ (Isaiah 60:1; 1 Samuel 17:47) at the first part. At the second part, a special video was aired to reflect on the grace of Father God, who has been with this church through the Word, prayer, and power for 40 years.
At the Sunday Morning Service on October 16, Dr. Myong-Ho Cheong, President of United Holiness Churches of Jesus Christ in Africa, delivered a message entitled, ‘Arise, shine’ (Isaiah 60:1~5), and for the Evening Service, a commemorative service and celebration event were held at the Bucheon Stadium.

The joy of the anniversary echoed in the Bucheon Stadium

At 3 pm on October 16, through the celebration service and event, the members who gathered at the Bucheon Stadium gave thanks and glory to God the Trinity who has been with us and protected us.

The celebration service, the first part, was presided by Pastor Hakyoung Lim, Vice President of the Pastors’ Association, and Mrs. Boknim Lee, Director of Manmin Prayer Center offered a representative prayer, followed by the praise of the United Choir and Nissi Orchestra.
After that, Acting Senior Pastor Dr. Soojin Lee delivered a message entitled ‘Arise, shine ? The trial is a blessing’ (Isaiah 60:1~3; Romans 8:18) and she prayed that we would overcome the trials of blessing in hope in the presence of God, who will be glorified greater than before, by fulfilling all the providences planned through Manmin and becoming spiritual warriors, when the time comes.
The celebration performance, the second part, started with the praise of the united choir, followed by the white stone choir, ensemble, fan dance, drum & electronic string music, worship dance, and congregational praise. We gave thanks and glory to God, who has been with us until the 40th anniversary, through praise, dance, and performance. (Pictures on page 4)
At the third part, the Men’s and Women’s Mission, Canaan & Young Adults Missions, and Children’s Sunday School, etc. prepared various kinds of event booth such as Manmin Photo Exhibition, Four-line Poetry Contest Presentation, Urim Books Event, Photo booth, Balloon Art, Caricatures, Calligraphy, and Gift Event to give the members happy memories. (Pictures on page 3)
Meanwhile, during the Eve Service on October 7 and 14 (Friday), the feature Manmin magazine video clips 1 & 2 were aired to look back on 40 years of our walk of faith. In addition, the ‘2022 Manmin Praise Festival’ was held on October 9 (Sunday), and the ‘Four-line Poetry Contest’ was held for two weeks.
Our church, which offered the founding service on October 10, 1982, has led countless souls into the arms of the Lord through the five-fold gospel of holiness and the works of power, and we will run more vigorously in faith as we look at the great power and God’s plans that will be unfolded in the future.

“Congratulations on 40 years of delivering light and life to all peoples of the world!”

Executive General Director of Helping Hand Coalition - Dr. Andre Gasiorowski

“Thanks to Dr. Jaerock Lee, I became a member of the Assembly and my family is healthy.”

MPA(Member of Punjab Assembly), Pakistan - Mr. Harron Imran Gill

“The 40th anniversary of your ministry is a great blessing also for Latin America.”

Enlace Colombia - Rosalba Rodriguez de Rincon

“The holiness gospel is being spread widely through Manmin chosen by God.”

Bishop of Door of heaven Church, Ukraine - Pastor Yuriy Konovalov




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