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Pastor Soojin Lee is inaugurated as Manmin Central Church셲 second senior pastor and decla
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Manmin Central Church held an inauguration service for the second senior pastor at the Grand Ballroom of 63 SQUARE in Yeouido, Seoul at 3 p.m. on Saturday, February 24. ...

The 40th Anniversary Celebration Performance - We offer up our confession of deep gratitude and the aroma of love!

Manmin News   No. 730
November 06, 2022

On October 16, our church셲 40th anniversary celebration performance hosted by the Performing Arts Committee of our church was performed at the Bucheon Stadium while it was being broadcast live on GCN and the Internet.
Through beautiful praises, instruments, and dances, they offered up the fragrance of thanks and love to God the Trinity, who has been with us and given us victory with the word of life and power.
In particular, the congregational praise sung by the performers, the congregation, and viewers at home and abroad was very touching.
Nissi Orchestra, Performing Arts Committee, and the professional staff who took charge of lighting, sound, video, and special effects presented a high-quality performance together.

Scene 1. Opening

Choir song of inspiration to God in celebration of the 40th anniversary

Scene 2. Anniversary Celebration

Performance celebrating the 40th anniversary with one mind

Scene 3. Praise of Victory

Thanksgiving praise to God who셲 been with Manmin ministry

Scene 4. Dance of Victory

Fan dance of thanksgiving for the true peace given for 40 years

Scene 5. Instrumental play of Victory

Drum and electronic string performance with thanks for the fiery work of the Holy Spirit

Scene 6. Work of Power

Worship dance offered to God who셲 been glorified through His great power

Scene 7. Joy of Anniversary

Congregational praise offered by all the members to God

Finale /

All the performers gave thanks and glory to the Triune God who has kept and protected our church until the 40th anniversary




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