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Those having fellowship with God
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How happy you would be when your child empathizes with you and shares sincere love with you! It is the same with God who is Light. He wants us to walk in the Light and share intimate fellowship with Him as His loving child. Those who walk in the Light can share lovely exchanges with God forever, so we need every effort to come forth as His true children who can understand His heart and share everlasting lo ...

[Feature Story] True Meaning of Christmas

Manmin News   No. 734
January 01, 2023

On Christmas we commemorate and celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus who came down to the earth to save mankind.
The children of God have to understand the true meaning of Christmas and spread the meaning to as many people as possible to let the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be lifted up above the nations and glorified.

1. Christmas is the gift of salvation to all mankind.

All men have been released from sins and can reach salvation through the birth of Jesus. For this reason, Christmas celebrates Jesus birth as the day God gave salvation to mankind. On this day all the people should take the greatest delight.
Through Jesus our Savior, we have been saved from eternal death, namely from falling into hell, and we gained the heavenly citizenship with to live in Heaven happily forever. If we really understand the grace of salvation, we will be full of thanks in all things. Moreover, we will be faithful and devotional to repay the great love and grace of the Lord.
We should not revel in feasting, joining parties, and drinking in the midst worldly festivities on Christmas. We have to understand and feel deep within our heart how great, thankful, blessed, and joyous the grace of salvation is.

2. Christmas has a meaning that God demonstrated His greatest love to human beings.

God, who is love itself, sent His greatly beloved Son Jesus to this earth in order to save sinners(1 John 4:9-10). Jesus had to become a curse on their behalf and be hung on a tree and die on it for those sinners, in order to become the Savior.
But God sent His one and only Son Jesus to the earth as the atoning sacrifice for our sins. God sent Jesus to take up all sacrifices and sufferings, and to pay for all penalties of sins on behalf of sinners(Romans 5:7-8).
By this great love of God the Father, Jesus was born on this earth, and the day to celebrate this truth is Christmas. Therefore, on Christmas we have to feel and experience God셲 love deep within our hearts and love God more and more from the heart.

3. Christmas has a meaning that God leads His true children into Heaven and shares love and joy forever.

God, who sent Jesus to the earth as the propitiation for our sins, wants all men to be saved and enjoy eternal blessing in the kingdom of Heaven. Even now, He earnestly wants all men to enter the beautiful Heaven where there are only happiness, joy, peace, and love. In particular, God is looking forward to true children who can share true unchanging love forever.
God the Father gave His only begotten Son in order not only to make all men to reach salvation but also to gain the best children who resemble the beautiful and good heart of the Lord. And it is to bring the true children into New Jerusalem, the most beautiful city in the kingdom of Heaven, to keep them close to God셲 Throng, and to share love with them forever. Hallelujah!




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