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I was completely healed of otitis media in 66 years!
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I have suffered otitis media for 66 years from the age of 8. One day in my childhood, I felt water entering into the right ear in shampooing. Since then, I started itching in it, and pus and fluid oozed out. In 1950s Korea was faced with war and economic difficulty and I could never dare go to hospital while living in a countryside. ...

[Testimony through Divine Healing Meeting] Gallstones disappeared and anemia and a twisted spine were cured.

Manmin News   No. 737
February 19, 2023

Senior Deaconess Youngnam Park (Age 63, The 12th Parish)

On November 12, 2022, after eating one ripe persimmon, my stomach felt a bit tight and uncomfortable. The next morning, I had dizziness and pain, and the symptoms got worse and I couldn셳 stand it.
On November 15, the hospital checkup result was 쁤allstone. So, I decided to remove gallstones through endoscopy surgery the next day. Before the surgery, I called my Parish Pastor and told him about my situation. And I received the handkerchief prayer of power(Acts 19:11-12) over the phone.
On November 16 was the day of my surgery, but there was no pain. After the re-examination, the doctor said, 쏷he gallstones disappeared even without surgery, but sepsis appeared from the pancreas to the heart and did not come up to the head. I was grateful for the work of the Holy Spirit when the doctor said the gallstones had disappeared.
And from that day on, the doctor began to find the root cause of the sepsis. However, I suddenly had an enormous amount of bleeding 6-7 times throughout the night. Then, on Thursday, I had a 쁤astroscopy to find the cause.
As a result of the test, it was 쁢xcessive gastric bleeding with acute stomach perforation. The bleeding stopped after surgery, but during the test and treatment process, my spine was twisted, my legs were swollen, and even severe anemia appeared, so I couldn셳 move on my own.

On Friday, November 25, the day of the Divine Healing Meeting, I came out of the hospital with a wheelchair by the help of my husband to be healed with faith. The doctor said, 쏧t will take 7 months for the blood to fill up to your bone marrow, so you must eat meat every day.
At 11 that night, I attended the Friday All-night Service held as the Divine Healing Meeting at home through GCN.
As I listened to Acting Senior Pastor Dr. Soojin Lee셲 sermon entitled, 쏥od of Answers, I remembered that I had judged and condemned others, and I thoroughly repented of them.
And when I praised, the fullness of the Holy Spirit came from above, and I was able to stand up with faith. At that moment, there was some cracking sound in my twisted spine, the spine was set, and I felt the swelling in my legs gradually subsiding.
Afterward, when I received the prayer for the sick, my body felt light, the symptoms of anemia disappeared, and I came to walk alone without a wheelchair. Hallelujah!

On December 12, I went to the hospital for a regular checkup, and my doctor was very surprised to see how quickly I became healthy. Then, he said even though I did not receive a blood transfusion, the symptoms of anemia disappeared and my health condition improved. He asked what had happened.
I said, 쏧셫 a Christian. When I received my Pastor셲 prayer, I heard a cracking sound from my spine, and it became normal and the symptoms of anemia disappeared. How happy I was when I testified.
I give thanks and glory to God the Trinity who healed me of gallstones, anemia, and the twisted spine rapidly and made everything work together for good.




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