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“My broken bones and tendons were recovered and made well!”
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On Saturday, November 28, 2020, I came across a climbing accident. I was calling the phone in climbing and stumbled on a root. Afterwards I developed a severe pain in the left shoulder and could not move the left arm. I thought I had a mere muscle ache. ...

“I can see clearly with my left eye, and my 85-year-old asthma and heart disease are healed.”

Manmin News   No. 738
March?05, 2023

Deaconess Junghee Park (Age 94, Chinese Parish)

I was born in S. Korea and moved to Jilin Province, China with my parents when I was 8 years old. From age 10, I was weak and suffered from many diseases such as whooping cough, asthma, and heart disease. My family was in a financially difficult situation, so I had to work helping neighbors in farming from the age of 13.

After marriage, in order to take care of my mother-in-law and raise 6 children, I worked hard even by tying rice straw, which was difficult even for a man to do. When I was 50 years old, a rice grain got into my left eye while threshing. After that, my eye looked blurry as if spider webs were caught in my eye, and I had cataract, so I could hardly see with my left eye.

At the age of 60, I returned to S. Korea, and in June 2007, at the age of 78, I became a member of Manmin Central Church by the guidance of my granddaughter. While attending the church, I felt comfortable and happy, and Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee’s sermons came into my ears and I received grace. I was happy to live my Christian life as I attended all kinds of worship services and Daniel prayer meetings.
Then in around July 2022, something like a dream happened to me. One day, I saw things clearly with my left eye, which was barely visible. It was amazing.
By God’s great grace, I was healed of my 45-year-old cataract, which I had never thought of, so I wanted to be healed of asthma and heart disease by God too.

I registered as a patient at the Divine Healing Meeting in September and prepared with longing through prayer. I attended the meeting through GCN and received the prayer for the sick from Acting Senior Pastor Dr. Soojin Lee, and another miracle happened in my life.
Due to asthma, I was always breathing heavily and coughed when I lay down and tried to sleep. In particular, the cough was worse when I lay on my left side, so I had to lean against the wall to sleep. However, after receiving the prayer, there were no problems.
It was not all. I always felt stuffy and tight in my chest due to heart disease, but those symptoms have completely disappeared. 85 years of asthma and heart disease were also healed. Hallelujah!

As I have suffered from diseases since I was young, I thought it was a burden I had to carry for the rest of my life, but I am so grateful that God gave me good health at this old age.
It’s amazing to be healthy without any problems these days. Because I met God at a very late age, I want to love Him more and to be loved by Him more until the day I go into the arms of the Lord.
I give all thanks and glory to God, a very good Father, who had mercy on me, embraced me with love, and gave me good health and happiness.




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