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“I couldn’t hear in the left ear for long but I can hear now!”
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About 5 years ago, I left the church and became lukewarm. Meanwhile I developed acute arthritis on the left knee and had difficulty climbing a building without an elevator. Still less, the hearing on the left ear worsened due to the aftereffects of brain tumor surgery and I was diagnosed with hearing impairment at the end of 2023. Then, I began wearing a hearing aid. ...

Colombia Manmin Church’s 11th Anniversary, Online service with Pastor Mikyung Lee

Manmin News   No. 744
May 28, 2023

At 9 am on Monday, May 1 (7 pm local time on Sunday, April 30), the President of the Pastor’s Association, Pastor Mikyung Lee, was the guest speaker at the 11th anniversary service of Columbia Manmin Church. The service was live streamed via Zoom, YouTube and Facebook with participants from 14 countries including Peru, Venezuela, Honduras, Mexico, Ecuador, Spain, US, Canada, El Salvador, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil.
Pastor David Jeongyeon Jang presided the anniversary service and the Heavenly Glory team of Columbia Manmin Church and Deaconess Seungwon Seo offered up special praise and worship performances. Pastor Mikyung Lee preached a sermon titled ‘Having a dream and fulfilling it’ (Genesis 13:14-18). Afterwards, Pastor Lee prayed for the sick with the handkerchief of God’s power (Acts 19:11-12) and many people glorified God with their healing testimonies.

Columbia Manmin Church live streams their services and prayer meetings via YouTube and Facebook and a lot of people in Central/South America and Spanish-speaking countries are participating together. Currently there are 20 branch churches and many partner churches. Acting Senior Pastor Soojin Lee’s sermons are also being broadcasted on Enlace TV? a Latin American Christian-based television network.




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