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“I couldn’t hear in the left ear for long but I can hear now!”
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About 5 years ago, I left the church and became lukewarm. Meanwhile I developed acute arthritis on the left knee and had difficulty climbing a building without an elevator. Still less, the hearing on the left ear worsened due to the aftereffects of brain tumor surgery and I was diagnosed with hearing impairment at the end of 2023. Then, I began wearing a hearing aid. ...

Parent’s Day and Children’s Day celebrations

Manmin News   No. 744
May 28, 2023

At 11 am on Thursday, May 4, the Senior Deaconess’ Association hosted the ‘2023 Parent’s Day Event’ for the elderly over 70’s.
In the event, Senior Deaconess Songsook Lee led the preparatory praise and the President of the Association, Senior Deaconess Nanyoung Cha gave a greeting message, and then Pastor Mikyung Lee, President of the Pastor’s Association delivered a sermon and prayed.
It was followed by celebratory performances Senior Deaconess Jinhee Kim emceed, including Senior Deaconess Myeongsook Lee’s beautiful traditional fan and drum dance and the Happiness Ukulele team’s song ‘Father’s Heart.’ The elderly in attendance were filled with grace and joy, and also received lunch and parting gifts.

At 1 pm on Sunday, May 7, the ‘2023 Children’s Day Event’ was live streamed via YouTube. In the event, after Brother Geonhu Na’s representative prayer, Sister Yena Park’s reading the Scripture, and Children’s Worship Team’s special performance, Children’s Sunday School’s Principal Pastor Seongsik Jang preached a sermon titled ‘God looks at the heart’ (1 Samuel 16:7).
After the service many children gave various testimonies in faith including protection from various accidents and healing of pneumonia, burns, and skin diseases, under the title ‘God loves me’. The children also watched a video of highlights from the year and reminisced the love of the Lord who had been present with them.
From 1:30 pm, Manmin Prayer Center’s President Mrs. Boknim Lee led the Holy Spirit Fullness Prayer Meeting. Not just children but their family members in attendance repented and became filled with the Spirit.




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