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[Pastor Jaerock Lee Memorial Special] I am waiting for the day God will burst into laughte
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I am waiting for the day God will burst into laughter Father, This son was slow to oratorical skill, Nor did I have good social skills. But You changed me, And made me a servant Who manifests the power of God. ...

“Giving thanks and glory to God for the hope for New Jerusalem!” Manmin Central Church’s 41st Anniversary Celebration Service & Performance

Manmin News   No. 753
November 5, 2023

On October 8, 2023, Manmin central church celebrated its 41st anniversary and gave thanks and glory to the faithful God who has led and been with us for the past 41 years.
In Sunday morning service Acting Senior Pastor Soojin Lee preached with the title of ‘Our Father God’ based on 1 John 4:16, and in the evening we offered the church’s 41st anniversary service and celebration performance was held. Congratulatory messages were sent from many countries including United States, Israel, Canada, Switzerland, Russia, Moldova, Kenya, Ukraine, Latvia, Peru, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

The celebration service and performance were streamed live through GCN TV and YouTube, and simultaneously interpreted into eight languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, French, Mongolian, and Vietnamese.
During the celebration service, Acting Senior Pastor Soojin Lee delivered the message entitled with ‘New Jerusalem’ (Revelation 21:10-11) and she said in her message, “Let us remember in our hearts the grace that God has given us to this day of Manmin Central Church, and in order to reach New Jerusalem, we must produce fruits that repay that grace, that is, we must come forth as beautiful fruits worthy to enter New Jerusalem in heaven.”
Under the theme ‘HEAVEN’ (The place I’ve dreamed of) the celebration performance was hosted and held by the Performing Arts Committee, and in the performance we gave thanks and glory to God who has led us to hope for the City of New Jerusalem until the church’s 41st anniversary.

The anniversary event was held at Daejeon Manmin Church. Many believers of Daejeon Manmin Church provided abundant food such as pancakes, rice cakes, chicken skewers, twists, tteokbokki, fruits, and ice cream prepared with love and sincerity and rejoiced in the anniversary of Manmin Central Church with joy and thanksgiving.




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