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[Special Feature_Ministry] Pastor Jaerock Lee셲 life Featured with works of faith And the
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Pastor Jaerock Lee had wandered at the threshold of death for 7 years due to various diseases. On April 17, 1974, he was guided by his second eldest sister at a divine healing meeting. When he got down on his knees, he was completely healed of all his diseases and accepted the Lord. ...

[world mission] Fruits of the gospel borne in Latin America through various broadcasting ministry

Manmin News   No. 753
November 05, 2023

Pastor David Jeongyeon Jang | Chairman of the United Holiness Church of Jesus Christ, Latin America

Senior Pastor Jaerock Lee led a Argentine Korean Blessing Crusade and Local Pastors Seminar in 1996, and from thenceforth he spread the living God and the Lord Jesus Christ in Central and South America through manifestations of wonders, signs, and extraordinary miracles by conducting crusades in Honduras and Peru.
We have continually provided the words of life and manifestations of powerful works through broadcasting and book ministries, and we help many believers in Central and South America grow in spirit.
In Colombia, many souls have watched Senior Pastor셲 sermons through Enlace TV and registered in as members of Manmin so that in January 2012 Colombia Manmin Church was founded. Since then, I have been performing the ministry of the Lord along with many branch and associative churches in Central and South America.
It was possible because Senior Pastor셲 sermons were broadcast via Enlace TV and it laid the foundation. Now Acting Senior Pastor Soojin Lee셲 sermons are aired twice a week on Enlace TV and gained great favor from many Spanish-speaking viewers around the world.

In particular, real-time services and Daniel Prayer Meetings are live streamed on YouTube and it is an efficient platform that conveys the gospel of holiness and powerful works to many souls in the Spanish-speaking world including Central and South America. Currently five branch churches in Colombia, five in Peru, four in Venezuela, three in Mexico, one in Honduras, and one in Ecuador and also many home churches from Spain, United States, Canada, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Brazil, and Chile are participating in the real-time services and Daniel Prayer Meetings.
In addition, we spread the holiness gospel via radio broadcast to many souls who are thirsty for the truth. A few local believers volunteered to contact radio stations in their dwelling areas and Senior Pastor셲 sermons are broadcast in many places. We are planning to do our ministry via radio broadcasts in many more countries.
In addition to these media ministry in Central and South America, handkerchief healing meetings are also held in many places. When I lead those handkerchief healing meetings throughout Central and South America and pray for the sick with the handkerchief of power (Acts 19:11-12) that Senior Pastor laid his hand on in prayer, many people are healed of their diseases and receive solutions for their life problems. In pastors seminars I lead, many are amazed by the gospel of holiness and confess its value and necessity.
In brief, the gospel of holiness and manifestations of God셲 power through the prayer with the handkerchief, many souls are healed of their diseases, and their problems are solved, come to yearn for sanctification and experience changes in their spiritual lives. I give all thanks and glory to God the Trinity who desires to save all people and confirms the gospel with signs and wonders and who will be exalted above the nations through the ministry of Manmin.

Spread the gospel actively through various electronic media including YouTube!

Pastor John Sanghwi Kim(Delhi Manmin Church, India)

Senior Pastor Jaerock Lee conducted the India Miracle & Healing Crusade 2002 at the Marina Beach in Chennai and so many Hindus accepted the Lord and received healing and glorified God through his messages and prayer for the sick. Manmin셲 ministry started in Chennai of southern India this way and expanded to central and northern regions through regional pastors' seminars held every year.
In January 2008, I opened Delhi Manmin Mission Center to cover the northern region with the holiness gospel. First of all, I let a pictorial booklet for evangelism Have You Met the Living God? and biweekly church newsletter Manmin News be translated into Hindi and printed them for evangelism. I also let a video Power, which is a collection of manifestations of God셲 power through Senior Pastor, translated and dubbed into Hindi, and distributed the DVD. Then, many churches invited me to lead handkerchief healing meetings.
In 2011, I founded Delhi Manmin Church and began leading many handkerchief meetings in many places along with church ministry. When I prayed with the handkerchief of power (Acts 19:11-12), so many were healed of various diseases that I was invited to more and more regions. Meanwhile I got an realization that broadcasting ministry was so much necessary for the effective spreading of the gospel throughout India.
Finally, in May 2014, I opened a YouTube channel for evangelism and accelerated media ministry through GCNTV HINDI YouTube channel in 2017. Senior Pastor셲 main sermons including Ten Commandments, The Message of the Cross, and The Beatitudes, and his prayers were dubbed in Hindi and uploaded them on the YouTube channel. Accordingly, many viewers expressed their testimonies and gratitude and the number of subscribers steadily increased. Additionally, Manmin Central Church셲 services and Daniel Prayer Meetings were simultaneously interpreted into Hindi via the YouTube channel and calls from viewers in various languages were flooded
Then I began operating a counseling call center within the church. Many church members who had their own jobs volunteered in various aspects such as translation, dubbing, and subtitling work, and answering calls from viewers day and night. The volunteers work together and adjust schedules systematically so that they can answer calls 24 hours a day. They classify inquirers by situation, gender, age, region, and language and then an appropriate manager is allotted to each group for effective managing. In addition, our church runs Manmin Bible Academy both online and offline to help viewers and church members get qualified for spiritual counseling ministry.
We have devoted ourselves to help many souls be saved and solve their problems in faith so that the fruits of evangelism were borne and about 250 house churches were established not only in India but also in Pakistan and England. Currently, we have launched ten YouTube channels including Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Odia, Bengali, Burmese, Nepali, Marathi, Bhojpur, and Gujarati. I give all thanks and glory to the Trine God who has been leading as many people around the world to receive Jesus Christ and gain salvation through the gospel of holiness and the manifestations of God셲 power as possible.




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