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[Feature story] 쏧셫 happy to become a missionary of Manmin.
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Greetings from Estonia in the name of the Lord. Dr. Jaerock Lee and the workers of Manmin that I met were all faithful servants of God. In addition, we are always receiving grace through Manmin ministry. Not long ago, I was appointed as a missionary for Manmin. ...

What is GCN?

Manmin News  
October 09, 2005

In June of 2004, GCN was founded by 8 Christian broadcasters from 8 countries - USA, United Kingdom, Honduras, Guatemala, Russia, Australia, and Spain- so that they could spread the works of the power of God to the world through broadcasting media.
This broadcasting network, GCN, has its headquarters in Atlanta, USA. On July 25th it started to broadcast to 55 million viewers in 38 states, 3 hours a day, through cable TV's "Cosmo Vision".
Also since September 1st Ch17 and relay station Ch27 have been test broadcasting 24/7 in the New York/New Jersey public viewing area.
GCN launched on the 10th of October in honor of the 23rd church anniversary and broadcasts many high quality programs produced by Manmin TV. World Vision is one of the most world-famous non-governmental organizations with internationally shared charities to more than 90 million people in 100 countries, and Hillsong Television of Australia is renowned, even to many Koreans, for its Hill Song worship service, and CBN International has an international Christian broadcasting network.
Manmin TV Inc. supplies GCN with more than 40 % of the programming consisting of the powerful works performed through Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee, his sermon series, and Christian cultural arts performances including singing and dancing. GCN aims at establishing a pure evangelical TV broadcasting ministry based on the gospel and the Bible, and is expected to spread the gospel to Christians and non-Christians around the world.




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