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My impression on Mnamin Joong-ang Church

Manmin News  
October 09, 2005

Manmin Joong-ang Church leads the spiritual flow in Christianity during the 21st century

Rev. Joongman Lee (Senior Pastor of Sungkwang Methodist Church, Chairman of the World Christianity Revival Mission Association)

I love Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee and his church. At his church miracles happen all the time and I feel heavenly at the sight of its members. Whenever I see him, I am reminded of Enoch, Elijah and Moses who God walked with. He is a powerful servant of God, and a truthful, humble and gentle pastor.
Just as the shepherd knows his sheep and the sheep know him, its members obey Rev. Dr. Lee's teachings and try their best to live by the word in fervent prayers. That's why God gives them blessing and revival. The reason that I love Manmin Joong-ang Church is because the works of te Holy Spirit have happened many times. Today it is high time that we should make a spiritual revival through the works of the Holy Spirit. That church is a good example of the new vision of Christianity.
I congratulate on Manmin Joong-ang Church for leading the spiritual flow in Christianity during the 21st century and hope it would become the greatest church in the world.

Rev. Dr. Lee's powerful messages totally changed my life and my ministry

Rev. Guy Davidts ("Revival of Faith" Manmin Sanctification Church, Brussels in Belgium)

I was so impressed not only by the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit but also through his life story. He has prayed with countless fasting to clearly understand the will of God and thwor away every form of evil, so that he has been able to lead countless souls to the way with amazing power of God from above. His life is the same with that of our Lord Jesus, and is considered as the perfect example I have to follow.
While translating Rev. Dr. Lee's books into French -The Message of the Cross, The Measure of Faith, Heaven I, Hell, and God The Healer, I was certain of his spirituality and anointing. Throughout "Pentecost Bible Conference 2005" I taught his teachings recorded in those books and the audience was so moved. Now I am translating his testimonial book "Tasting Eternal Life before Death."
His teaching was so influential that my life and my ministry changed. His messages have been bearing many fruits in Europe.

"He has spread the best quality of Christian performing arts and the power of the Holy Spirit"

Jongkwon Lim (Chief-editor of Christian Newspaper)

Manmin Mission Team's performance was so wonderful during the 2004 Miracle Healing Crusade in Peru that many Peruvians will never forget its impression and ecstasy. I'm proud that a Korean church showed great spiritual power in a country of the Southern American that is different in its culture and language. A high quality of praises and dances were so beautiful as to bring any Korean pride and joy.
Spiritual messages and impressive performances Manmin Mission Team showed brought the anointing of the Holy Spirit and testified to the living God. I expect they will play a role of ambassador of the gospel in spreading the Korean Christian culture and introducing the works of the Holy Spirit.

My heart was so impressed at the sight of up-to-date broadcasting systems of Manmin TV Inc.

Estrerita Holiano Tamano (Chairman of the International Cable TV Broadcasters Association in the Philippines)

In the last April I met Manmin TV at the Cable TV Exposition in the Philippines. Rev. Dr. Lee's powerful ministry was so impressive and refreshing to me. I have never seen such a wonderful broadcasting station that broadcasts God's powerful works.
When I visited Manmin TV Inc., I was surprised to see such wonderful broadcasting systems and facilities. I wish many cable TV stations will have close connection with Manmin TV and organize a global network. I will cooperate with Manmin TV continually.




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