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Happy testimonies of the new members of Nairobi Manmin Church, Kenya
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My daughter Maureen has been attending Nairobi Manmin Church since 2016. She was 9 years old at the time, and she loved the church very much and talked a lot about his pastor Rev. Myonggho Cheong. She also slept holding the picture of Dr. Jaerock Lee, Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church in Korea. ...

[A Window to Manmin] Looking after the Neglected as a Light of the World

Manmin News  
January 09, 2006

Deacon Chihun Lee
(Secretary, Council on Correction & Education at Young-deung-po Detention House)

On Friday, December 30, 2005, Deacon Chi-hun Lee received an award from the Attorney General of the Republic of Korea for his service towards the development of the administration on the correctional service. After losing both of his parents at an early age, Deacon Lee had always taken great interest in taking care of the neglected. He became an official correctional officer working for the Ministry of Justice. His work consists of visiting prison inmates who have been abandoned and left behind even by their own family
members. Through friendly chats, Deacon Lee spreads the love of God and provides the inmates with such necessities as socks or underwear. Deacon Lee says he finds his work most rewarding when he sees prison inmates accept the Lord, return to their families, and begin their lives anew.
For his faithful service, Deacon Lee was promoted to the position of Secretary on the Council on Correction & Education at Young-deung-po Detention House in 2004. As Vice President of "The Correction & Welfare Mission" at Manmin Joong-ang Church, Deacon Lee has worked with devotion towards more effective management of inmates' solicitude as well as reform on correctional facilities.
Deacon Lee's heartfelt service is reflected through a number of rewards he received from such organizations as The Guro Council on the Elderly, Young-deung-po Detention House, The Seoul City Council, and the mayor of Seoul. With the recent reward from the Attorney General, Deacon Lee has been able to give greater glory to God.




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