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Happy testimonies of the new members of Nairobi Manmin Church, Kenya
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My daughter Maureen has been attending Nairobi Manmin Church since 2016. She was 9 years old at the time, and she loved the church very much and talked a lot about his pastor Rev. Myonggho Cheong. She also slept holding the picture of Dr. Jaerock Lee, Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church in Korea. ...

The Greco-Roman Style Wrestling, 120kg Category - Male Collegiate Wrestling at the 86th National Athletic Competition -

Manmin News  
November 13, 2005

Brother Choong-jin Lee (Former Member of the National Team at the Universiades/Senior at Dong-A University)

At the 86th National Athletic Competition, Choong-jin Lee was awarded the gold medal in the 120kg category of Greco-Roman style wrestling. From 2001 to 2003, Brother Lee had come in first for 3 straight years in the same category.
Yet, an unexpected crisis awaited Brother Lee as he made steady progress for the competition: he tasted bitterness of elimination in the preliminary round in the 2004 Competition.
As Brother Lee, a faithful Christian athlete, humbled himself and prayed, he became aware of having befriended the world and having been arrogant. During the following year, only with a humble desire to give glory to God, he diligently and eagerly prepared for the 86th Competition.
Prior to the match, Brother Lee drank a glass of Muan Sweet Water and placed on the inside of his thigh "The Handkerchief of God's Power" on which Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee had prayed.
He became confident that he could win under any kind of circumstances and after a nail-biting duel, Brother Choong-jin Lee reclaimed the gold metal and gave glory to God.




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