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One day in 2008, I watched a pastor셲 sermon through Enlace TV, and it was so gracious and impressive. He was Dr. Jaerock Lee, the Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church in Seoul, Korea. The sermon was unlike anything I had ever heard. It is because he told us how we could receive blessings from God and how important it was to sanctify our hearts. ...

My stuttering son Jonghyun awarded the first prize on the story-telling contest !

Manmin News  
October 30, 2004

Deaconess Miok Kim

September 30th, 2003 was my best day. It is unforgettable in my rest whole life. My son Jonghyun frequently stuttered, but won the first prize at the children's songs and story-telling contest held by the Manmin kindergarten. That day he returned home with a fine trophy lifted up in his hand, saying, "Mom, First prize!" At the unexpected sight, the sad past was reminded and tears gushed out from my eyes.

God's answer, my son Jonghyun
In March 1997, I met my tenderhearted and upright husband and got married. Since our marriage, my marital parents eagerly wanted me to give birth to a son because sons were rare in the family of my husband. So, I earnestly begged to God, "God, Give me a son, please!" One day of November, the next year, I gave birth to a son in the grace of God.
Meantime, I had a second baby unexpectedly when my first son Jonghyun became one-year child. Since then, his character changed little by little. Until that time he used to be a good boy without complaining during the service or other church meetings, but he became too stubborn for me to deal with him and came to grumble too frequently. He even minded entering the sanctuary to worship God. In addition, he used to be very healthy before, but began to have a severe unbalanced diet and fell often ill. I had difficulty in dealing with him every day - in fact, I rebuked him or whipped him at my hot temper rather than love for him.

Uneasy emotion and stuttering
At last I gave birth to the second child, but from that time my son Jonghyun began to show the symptoms of uneasy emotion. Sometimes he released himself toward me lying down beside a newborn baby and ran up to me crying for milk whenever I prepared milk for the newborn baby.
Jonghyun had learned language and spoken well better than any other baby. But he began to stutter in September 2001. At the sight, I was very surprised and pondered over things to repent. I repented my sins and received the prayer of Rev. Dr. Lee from the podium at the Sunday Morning service. After that, my son seemed to get well for some time, but began to stutter again because of my unchanged heart and deeds.
My heart was upset and fretted each time someone spoke to him, and replied in place of him for fear he should turn out to be stuttering in the eyes of others. In that concealing attitude, my everyday life had seemed to be piercing into my heart like sharp needles, and anxiety and worries had stored up inside my heart. Furthermore, I did not have the mind to come to the shepherd to receive the prayer for my son's healing because I thought he was in that wretched situation because of me, and I tried only to hide my weakness from others' eyes feeling ashamed of it.
I had majored in children's education and served the church as a Sunday children's school teacher. Later I became a financial director at the Sunday children's school. Because I had those careers, I became ashamed and depressed all the more.
In the end, I called in a teacher of a special school to heal my son's stuttering and moved to another place to give him comfortable and peaceful environments. But all was in vain and he was still stuttering.

After repenting my sins with weeping
One day of May 2002, I heard a healing story of someone that he had been healed of his disease after he shook hands with Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee with faith, and I considered it to be the way God had prepared for me. From that time on, I came to believe that God would heal my son's severe stuttering and my heart began to throb with joy.
By the way, that day my son seemed to stutter more severely than before. My heart was painful and cried out with tears, "God, Please heal my wretched son!" But in less than a few minutes, I realized that God is not pleased with our prayer with sorrow and depression, and began again to pray to Him with thankful mind.
I repented of my past misdeeds and wrong attitude. I repented that I had tried to heal my son in a worldly way. After that, I was full of joy and gratitude beyond description. I took my son to Senior Pastor, along with my husband and daughter. There I was greatly strained and a spiritual flash ran through all my body beyond expression when I saw my son shaking hands with Senior Pastor.
At that time, to my surprise, my son plainly shouted, "Mom, I shook hands with Senior Pastor." How joyful and startling it was! I even doubted my ears. In the morning of that day it had not been easy not easy for him to say something, but at that moment he was speaking too plainly as if he had never been stuttering until then.

I won the first prize at the story-telling contest!
I had never heard such clear and perfect word that he spoke for eight months. I asked him many more things to ascertain whether he stopped stuttering temporarily or whether he was completely healed. He left nothing to be desired. He and I surely experienced the power of God through it and he has been enjoying greeting and shaking hands with Senior Pastor on Sunday mornings.
And I found that he had not kept pace with his friends in a fundamental living and attitude because he grew up and was tamed in my excessive care. So, I let him go to kindergarten every morning for his social force and adaptability. He used to be afraid only if he was left behind from me and feel scared at a little strong wind, but became strong and courageous since he went to Manmin kindergarten.
Meanwhile, he attended the story-telling and children's song contest on September 30th, 2003 and won the first prize in the wonderful power of God. He stuttered severely one and a half years ago, but now awarded the first prize at the story-telling contest conducted by Manmin kindergarten.
Some days ago, Manmin kindergarten had an examination on personality, aptitude and intellectuality of each child. My son Jonghyun received IQ 130, which is estimated to be average at people having the doctor's degree. In addition Jonghyun gained a good credit of speaking and listening by 130 of 150, which was the top in that aptitude.
I give thanks to all teachers of Manmin kindergarten who have developed the aptitude and capacity of each child and educated my son with love and sincerity.
And above all, I give all the glory and thanks to God the Father who healed my son Jonghyun and blessed my family with peace and spiritual growth, and give thanks to Senior Pastor who did not look down on a little child but prayed for him with earnest love.




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