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쏞ompletely healed after 56 years of constipation!
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Since my early 20셲, I have suffered constipation. Due to extreme stress, the symptoms of constipation sometimes lasted 7 or 15 days without any bowel movements. Administering enemas didn셳 help and going to restroom was very painful to me. I셶e suffered 56 years. ...

God healed my daughter of a rare disease, hip joint abscess! Now she is healthy and clever

Manmin News  
November 27, 2004

Deaconess Jung-a Lee
(1-2 Women Mission, Nissi Orchestra Violist)

My 4-month-old daughter suffered from a rare disease, hip joint abscess
Hyena! What's wrong? Where's your pain?
In early June 2002, my 4-month-old daughter couldn't sleep because of a sudden fever. She couldn't move her left leg. The leg was just dangled down as if she had an infantile paralysis. I was very surprised at her condition and took her to a children's hospital. The doctor said something was wrong with her hip joint and advised me to take her to a bigger hospital.
On 11 June, she was diagnosed to have abscess in hip joint in Yihwa University Hospital in Mok-dong, Seoul. In her hip joint connecting hip and thigh, there was a good deal of pus by inflammation. "It's abscess in the left hip joint. This case is very rare to babies. If the pus circulates around the whole body through blood, she might die of blood poisoning in a week." Her doctor said. And he added that my daughter was too young to have an operation, and even if she had an operation, something wrong might happen to her hip joint and at last she might be handicapped.
'How come did it happen to my daughter?' 'Lord, what's my fault?' I prayed.

Pastor Paul visited my daughter in hospital
When my husband and I felt heavy and perplexed, Pastor Taegyu Paul and Minister Crystal Kim visited us and encouraged us. I kept in my mind what they said to me. "God heals those who believe in His power" "God works in His way. Please do as you believe." After their encouraging, I made up my mind to entrust my daughter to God. Then, my heart overflowed with joy and peace.
I have witnessed a lot of miraculous works of God since I attended Manmin Joong-ang Church. By Rev. Dr. Lee's prayer, the blind came to see and the mute to speak and the dying to be alive. These kinds of experiences enabled me to trust God Almighty and committed my daughter into God's hands.
Doctors said that my daughter's life would be in great danger if she were discharged from the hospital. But my husband and I trusted in God's power and took the daughter out of the hospital. After we came back home, Pastor Taegyu Paul and many members of the 2nd Parish visited my house and had a worship service with Pastor Paul's preaching and all people's prayer.

I repented my sins and Pastor Paul prayed with the handkerchief
During the service I repented my sins before God looking back on my past.
When I was a college junior in 1994, I joined Nissi Orchestra and registered Manmin Joong-ang Church. I was very moved to hear the audiotapes of "The Message of the Cross" preached by Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee and came to lead a good Christian life.
But after marriage, I was no more faithful to my God-given duties in Women's Mission and the Parish. And I became idle in my prayer life since I became pregnant. Meantime I gave birth to a daughter and my body felt fatigued more and more. I was not thankful and sometimes even complained.
While attending the service at my house, these past moments struck on me like screen films and I contritely repented my sins one by one. "Father God, All is my fault!" While I repented my sin, Pastor Paul prayed on my daughter and me with the handkerchief on which Rev. Dr. Lee laid his hands. At that moment her high fever began to quickly fall down. Hallelujah!

After my daughter received the prayer of Rev. Dr. Lee directly
On June 13, I took my daughter to Rev. Dr. Lee with offerings and received his prayer for my daughter.

MRI Result

1. MRI on June 11, 2002(Her hip joint was full of pus)
2. MRI on June 19, 2002 after the prayer (The pus almost disappeared)
3. MRI on October 9, 2003 (Recovered completely)

"Go away the inflammation and be healthy." "Be improved soon." "Be strong in the leg."
Until then, Hyena failed to sleep sound owing to the pains, but after receiving the prayer she came to sleep a sweet sleep. Afterwards Rev. Dr. Lee prayed for her a few more times, and she could walk normally without any pain on the leg. Hallelujah!
On June 19, we went to the hospital to ascertain if my daughter had been improved. There we made sure that she got much better. On October 9 2003, we went to Myongji Hospital affiliated to Kwandong University and doctors had my daughter taken with MRI. We were convinced that she was completely healed.
Now, we are praying for God's kingdom at the Daniel Prayer Meeting every night in order to return God the grace. And we are faithfully serving for the church: my husband as a group leader and I as a cell leader. Hyena is not only very healthy, but wise and clever enough to be loved by all people around her as well.
I give all glory and thanks to God who healed my daughter of a rare disease, and I also give thanks to Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee who prayed for my daughter in deep love.




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