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쏧셫 healed of herniated disc!
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Around mid-November last year, I went to work and my back hurt so much. After a hard work, I barely managed to go to the hospital with the help of a co-worker. The x-ray showed it was a herniated disc. ...

A very impressive story of Yamada Teidi who was healed of Parkinson's diseases

Manmin News  
December 04, 2004

- Written by Missionary Mark Kim (Osaka Manmin Church)

Yamada Teidi healed of Parkinson's disease and Mark Kim
interpreting her testimony into Japanese

Yamada Teidi has suffered from Parkinson's diseases for 8 years

One summer day I received a calling from a Korean woman living in Korea. The caller said that her younger sister lives in Japan and has suffered from Parkinson's disease. And she asked me to help her sister to be healed.
The younger sister's name was Yamada Teidi and 57 years old. She was a Korean, but 30years ago got married to her present husband and crossed over the strait of Korea to Japan. She had lived abundant life without any kind of special difficulty, but one day in 1997 began to feel the shivering of the left hand. Gradually she could not move the left arm and had some trouble in walking. Her friends advised her to go to the Mairuz Citizens Hospital. She had herself examined with MRI picturing and close comprehensive test. The result said something unimaginable.

"We are sorry you are diagnosed to have the case of Parkinson's disease."

Parkinson's disease, it cannot be healed with modern developed medical science. At the first time she felt shivering only at the ends of fingers, but by degrees the shivering radiated to the left arm and leg along with the symptom of paralysis. Sometimes she met the shivering and paralysis while walking on the road, and was at a great loss.
Then, she went to the Osaka University Hospital and had herself closely examined there for half and a month. But it was all in vain. The medicine doctors gave her was not for healing but for temporary killing of paralysis and shivering.
At first she took that medicine once a day at a half dose, but day after day the effect weakened. Gradually she increased it to two then three and finally to eight doses. Meanwhile, three hours had not passed after she took that medicine before the effect disappeared, her hand shivered and her leg went out of control.

Osaka Manmin Church's Handkerchief Meeting

The woman, on September 29, 2003, got into the bus with help of her friends in order to attend the Osaka Handkerchief Meeting, and the bus ran to Osaka for three hours. When she arrived there, the effect of her medicine was gone and her leg stiffened. Nonetheless, she received the handkerchief prayer and felt light on the body. After a little while, the paralysis of her leg became softened.
The woman, however, had no true faith and relied on the medical science rather than God the almighty. In fact, 30 years ago she was healed of cancer by the grace of God. Still, she had not accepted the Lord and lived a non-Christian life. In her fifties, she faced with a scaring disease of Parkinson's disease, and then she began to search for God. But her long-hardened heart would not accept the Lord easily.
For the purpose of helping her to gain true faith, I sent her the audio sermon tapes of Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee and video tapes of the powerful works of God every week. She came to have faith through the works of the power of God and began to preach the gospel to someone else. According to the teaching of Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee, she tried to keep the Lord's Day and said that she would be healed only to see Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee.

Attended the Revival Meeting on wheelchair by faith

For the upcoming 12th Revival Meeting, her three friends promised her to accompany her during her visit to Korea. Then, they took the airplane for Korea. When they arrived at Inchon international airport, the effect of her medicine ran out and her leg began to stiffen. She was in trouble. At that time with the urgent help of an airport staff she was given a wheelchair. She had to be taken to the hotel in the wheelchair. Until they arrived there, she needed the help of her friends and could not get up.
On the first day of the revival meeting God healed a lot of sick people with wondrous power and many people gave their healing testimonies. Yamada witnessed all of them in wheelchairs. On the second day, I advised her to abandon taking medicine and rely on God alone. She first hesitated but soon forsook all medicine. That day when she received the prayer, she felt strength came upon her leg and the stiffened leg became normal. Hallelujah! God listened to the earnest prayer of Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee and gave her leg strength smoothening them.
She had taken strongly-addicting medicine for 7 years, so it cooled down her hand and brought her the loss of appetite and weight. She lost the weight by 15 kg. But after she received the prayer, her hands warmed and strong appetite came back. Now she enjoys food and meals. When she stood up from her wheelchair and walked about, her friends and family were very thankful and impressed, shedding tears.

I can walk and run through the prayer of Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee

God had pity on her and gave her another experience as a sign. Wherever she was including the church and hotel room, she smelled a very sweet aroma. On May 6, she met Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee at his office and suddenly felt hot on the back. And sweat ran down her back. After that, her face changed and looked bright and shining.
On the Sunday morning of May 16, she gave the thank-you greeting to Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee on the church yard. He again prayed for her with earnest heart.
Amazing thing happened there! The moment he finished praying for her and she turned back, she cried, "Oh! My legs are very light!" And she began to run around with might. She ran toward Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee who shook hands with other church members, and fell down before him. She gave deep thanks to him again. All standing there including me felt impressive and gave heartfelt thanks and glory to God with clapping.

"I came to Manmin Church with thirsty heart"

"I was touched by the message and received the prayer"

"8-year-stiffened body became normal and came to walk with the power of God

"My friends and family feel happier than I"

"Everything seems to be a dream"

"How can I give all my thanks?"




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