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쏞ompletely healed after 56 years of constipation!
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Since my early 20셲, I have suffered constipation. Due to extreme stress, the symptoms of constipation sometimes lasted 7 or 15 days without any bowel movements. Administering enemas didn셳 help and going to restroom was very painful to me. I셶e suffered 56 years. ...

I was very happy during this revival meeting as if I were dreaming

Manmin News  
December 18, 2004

Dr. Paul Ponraj (Senior Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Vijaya Heart Foundation, Vijaya Hospital, Chennai, India )

I was a cardiothoracic surgeon. I was greatly moved by the wondrous power of God while watching the 2002 India Miracle Healing Prayer Festival on TV. This year I experienced another thing that caused me to demolish my own framework of thought and knowledge. In January 2004 a man with coronary artery disease visited me and I operated him. During surgery, unknowingly he fell into the moment of death. I remembered the handkerchief that Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee laid his hand on and prayed for the power of God. I knelt down with that same handkerchief on the man and prayed for him. Suddenly something surprising occurred. A few minutes earlier, I was about to diagnose him as dead, but to my great surprise he had recovered! I announced this amazing testimony at the 1st international medical conference held in Seoul, South Korea after attending the 12th Two-Week Revival Meeting in May. It was my honor to present it before many Christian medical doctors and other concerned people. Participating in this revival meeting was like a vivid dream to me. The powerful works of God that stretched out through Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee during the meeting were beyond my expectations.
His preaching was very easy to understand and powerful. My heart was deeply touched by his messages and the love and kindness of the brothers and sisters of the Manmin Joong-ang Church. On top of all this, I was healed of kidney failure that I had not been able to heal as a medical doctor. I felt as happy as if I were in the kingdom of heaven receiving such treatment. If our Lord Savior Jesus Christ had not urged them in such great love, I would think it impossible for Missionary Joseph Han and Sanghui Kim to leave this wonderful church and preach the gospel in Chennai, India. I am very thankful for being able to help Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee and serving him by encouraging the international Christian medical doctors' network. Pastor Lee is a man of God who's ministry is accompanied by powerful works of God.




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