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쏧셫 healed of herniated disc!
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Around mid-November last year, I went to work and my back hurt so much. After a hard work, I barely managed to go to the hospital with the help of a co-worker. The x-ray showed it was a herniated disc. ...

I attended the meeting to ascertain the trueness out of doubt, but gained new life

Manmin News  
December 11, 2004

Daewon Lee (Vice president of Koonsan Hope Old Men's Hospital)

I am working for the Koonsan Hope Old Men's Hospital. I have been healed from my acquaintance through the news media concerning the miracle healings performed through Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee and this 12th revival meeting. As a medical doctor, I could not believe the miracles and came to the meeting in order to personally verify whether or not they are true. On the first day of the revival meeting I saw a lot of people standing up from wheelchairs, throwing away crutches, walking, and jumping with my own eyes. I heard them giving their healing testimonies on the stage, but still doubted these miracles. It was difficult for me to believe even as they were seen. While attending the service on the third day, I murmured, "I will believe only if you heal my hand". A few days ago, I had severely damaged my left hand and it was very painful to move it. Even though I received physical treatment and took drugs to kill the pain, my pain still distressed me.
But after Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee finished praying for the sick, I was very surprised that my pain disappeared and I could move fingers without any pain. I cried out, "You are alive! You are really alive!" In spite of myself, I cried that and began to repent with many tears that I had doubted until then.
After that God showed me more surprising works of healing. I had suffered from valvular disease of the heart, myocardial infarction, stricture of the heart, and hypertension to the extent that I could not run and had great trouble in wearing shoes in a bent position. Sometimes I felt troubled in treating patients.
After attending this revival, I had not felt bad for several days. I had lived with valvular disease of the heart for decades, and so I could bend the head for more than one second. But now I can bend the head for more than five minutes. Hallelujah!
Even though I did not attend the Revival Meeting with faith but out of doubt, God met me and healed me. I give all glory and thanks to God and want to serve Him with my all.

Dr. Daehee Lee was president of Goesan Sungmo Hospital in 1997. He came to know that Mr. Hankook Suh who had given his marrow to Sungduk Baumann was in need and helped him with free treatment and such special service as is given to hospital workers. Such his good deeds were put in the magazine "News Plus."
(Photo of Daewon Lee and Hankook Suh)




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