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쏧셫 healed of herniated disc!
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Around mid-November last year, I went to work and my back hurt so much. After a hard work, I barely managed to go to the hospital with the help of a co-worker. The x-ray showed it was a herniated disc. ...

Fleeing away from sorrow and despair I received happiness through the holiness gospel

Manmin News  
December 24, 2004

- Dr. Nadia Mireya Villela (Dentist in Honduras)

Dr. Nadia Villela won the true happiness through Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee's books including Tasting Eternal Life Before Death

I was born of a father who was a pediatrician and congressman. My mother was a teacher. I grew up under good and wealthy conditions. After graduating university, I met a man also born of a good family and was married to him. But my dream of a sweet marriage was broken into pieces with the frequent beating I received from my husband.
I became exhausted in mind and body and had searched for spiritual rest. In January 2004, my friend introduced to me Pastor Jaeho Lee, a Latin America missionary who was sent by the Manmin Church. He gave me some books by Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee. They included his testimonial memoir "Tasting Eternal Life Before Death" and other sermon books. The books attracted my heart and I was lost in them one by one. The books became gradually wet with my tears. My heart was throbbing as if I had found a glimmer of light going astray in deep darkness.
I registered the Honduras Manmin Church and my life grew to be filled with joy and hope listening to the holiness gospel as a sheep of Manmin. A surprising change took place within me. I intended to abandon my nine year dental career and filled my heart with devotional passion and eagerness to serve the kingdom of God.
When I arrived at the Manmin Joong-ang Church in Seoul to attend the 12th Revival Meeting, I felt the love of the Lord, the church members, and the Senior Pastor Jaerock Lee. He is sincere and loving. Now I can enjoy true rest in my soul.
God gave me indescribable grace. He entitled me to translate the books of Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee into Spanish and gave me the chance to serve the kingdom of God as a missionary.
I feel very sad that I have to leave this loving church that is like being in the sight of the Lord and start for Honduras, but at the same time, my heart is full of expectation and hope of preaching the gospel to the souls that are as lonely and wretched as I was.




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