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쏛s a missionary, I will lead many souls into the arms of the Lord.
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First of all, I would like to thank the Lord for leading my life and for leading me to change into the gospel of holiness by meeting Dr. Jaerock Lee. Since I was little, my will was strong and I had a personality that couldn셳 tolerate injustice, so I often fought. ...

I regained my life after my soul saw Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee

Manmin News  
April 09, 2005

Rev. Elisha Kehenze (Kenya Kitale Manmin Church, 51)

I live in a village far away, 30 kilometers or a 10 hours' bus ride from Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

I was condemned to death due to severe fever
In February 2004, I served an elementary school as its principal and was a pastor ministering a Pentecostal church. One day I received a calendar as a present from a kinsman living in Nairobi. In that calendar are the photos of Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee, who had conducted the 2001 Kenya Holy Gospel Crusade, and Rev. Myongho Cheong, who serves Nairobi Manmin Church. Until that time, I had
not known either of them because I belonged to a different denomination and I had not met them.
In June 2004, something went wrong with my liver and I suffered from vomiting and fever. I went to Kitale Hospital and had my lungs and liver examined, but no exact reason was revealed. I could not eat any food, nor could I sleep because of the pains all over my body. I lost 25 kilograms of weight in 5 weeks.
Doctors told my family to prepare for my funeral. In anguish and with tears I prayed to the Lord to receive my spirit and was preparing for the last moment.

My spirit saw Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee In July 7 2004, my spirit came out of my body and saw my body lying down on the floor. There, six messengers of hell were waiting to take my soul to hell. They were about to take me, saying, "We will take you where we live."

At that moment, a large light shone in and a number of angels appeared. Among them, I found two persons – Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee and Rev. Myongho Cheong whom I
had seen in that calendar. Rev. Dr. Lee was encircled with big and brilliant lights and beside him was Rev. Myongho Cheong. The angels drove out the evil spirits, and Rev. Myongho Cheong told me, "Kehenze, go preach the gospel." A few moments later the two persons and angels disappeared and my spirit came back into the body.

I affiliated my church to Manmin after revival
When I woke up, my whole body was full of sweat and fever and all the pains including liver disease had already disappeared. Afterwards, I was able to eat any food and drink as I wanted, and regained 30 kilograms because any of the food I ate was changed into blood and flesh.
When I was brought back to life, my wife was the most joyous. After the healing, I came to Nairobi Manmin Holiness Church, and then I affiliated my church to Manmin. Rev. Myongho Cheong was pleased and prayed for me, and my excitement and joy was so great.
From that time on, I have testified to my healing and experience and publicized Manmin church to whomever I have known. Many pastors and churches in Kitale area who have known me have been touched by the works of God manifested through Rev. Dr. Lee and longed to be affiliates to Manmin. In the last February, with our invitation, Rev. Myongho Cheong conducted a pastors' conference and about 200 pastors and church servants attended it. He delivered the messages about depths of the spiritual realm we had not heard, and many pastors were moved. Now they are preparing for another conference in the coming April.




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