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True Love

Manmin News   No. 144
May 10, 2009

"Teacher, this woman has been caught in adultery, in the very act."
"He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her."
"I do not condemn you, either Go From now on sin no more." (John 8:1, 7 and 11)

People may profess they love with their lives, but their love is mostly looking out for their own benefit; such love eventually decays and changes. The true love that never changes and lasts forever can only be given from God.
The love of God is beyond the imagination of a man. Its height, width, and depth are infinitely unimaginable. Our Lord took the cross also with this love of God, and the Holy Spirit is praying for us also with this love.

Then what specifically is true love? I hope you will feel the true love of God all the more deeply in your heart.

First, true love is the love of forgiveness and mercy.

In John 8 is found a story about a woman who was caught red-handed in adultery. In order to test and have grounds for accusing Jesus, the scribes and the Pharisees brought a woman before Jesus who had been caught in the act of adultery. They said to him, "Now in the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women; what then do You say?"
However, Jesus didn't tell the people to 'kill her according to the law.' He rather opened a way for her to survive.
Without speaking, Jesus stooped down and wrote the sins of the people on the ground, and said to them, "He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her." Then He bent down and wrote the people's sin on the ground again with His finger. When He wrote their general sins such as hatred, anger, greed, stealing, adultery, and arrogance, they didn't recognize that those sins were applicable to them. However, when Jesus wrote on the ground second time, they turned pale. It is because He wrote down the specific situations in which they committed sins with such details as the time, place, and the specific sins they had committed. When they saw their own sins written down, they couldn't throw stones at the woman.

They felt qualms of conscience and departed one by one. Only Jesus was left with the woman. He saw there was no one left but the woman and said, "Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you? Then neither do I condemn you. Go now and leave your life of sin."
Not all of sinners can change, even if you show mercy to them and forgive them. When impudent people don't show their gratitude, but do evil even when they were treated in goodness. Most people neglect them thinking, "It's not worth it to deal with them." But Jesus showed His mercy from His innermost heart to people no matter how cruel sinners they were. He desired to save those dying souls to the point of sacrificing His own life. He loved even people like Judas Iscariot until the very end. He still gave him chances to repent and turn back.

He was crucified on the cross not only for those who followed Him, but also for those who nailed Him on the cross. We have to resemble the heart of the Lord who showed mercy to save just one more soul.

Second, the true love is the love that never changes.

When people are greatly indebted to someone, or receive love from someone, they may confess their love. However, the true love is the love that never changes not only in good times but also in hard times. It is the love that never changes no matter how many years pass by.

It is the same when you love God. If you truly love God, your love should never change, no matter how severely you may be afflicted or disadvantaged. Even if you undergo trials from time to time, you don't hold the mistreatment against God, but you rather continue to devote yourself and remain faithful despite it.

When the Apostle Paul had hardships while preaching the Gospel, his love didn't change. Even when he was severely beaten, imprisoned, or drifted in the deep sea for a night and a day, he gave praise to God from the depth of his heart. He didn't have the slightest unjust thinking like, "I was faithful according to the will of God, so why should I be beaten and shamed? Why does God let me be cast into the sea like this?" He was rather deeply moved and saying, "Such a mere sinner like me can undergo trials like this for the sake of the Lord's name."
When you are burning in the heart for the moment, you might be able to say that you could give up even your life. Even if one is ardent about giving his whole life once, if he has to give it all over again, could he give it with the same heart as the first time? Let's say that you have given up all your possessions, remained completely faithful, and given up your health repeatedly, but now, if you are to give it all again, could you give it with gladness?
You have given so much already, but instead of enjoying glory, you are placed in a very low position. Will you not have any unjust feeling or misunderstanding? If you accomplish this true love, you will receive extreme love from God.

Third, the true love is the love that understands others' hearts.

Some people give the other what they want to give instead of giving him what he wants to receive. They also expect to get something that they want in return. True love, however, is being able to put yourself into the other person's situation. It is considering his heart's desires and being able to give him what he wants. True love does not develop ill-feelings of resentment or cause misunderstandings when others don't give back what you want in return.
Even worldly people closely study what others like and what pleases them in order to win their hearts. When you love God, you should also understand the heart of God.
The will of God for Jesus was that Jesus should be crucified on the cross to accomplish the providence of salvation. Jesus knew that this was the will of God, and completely obeyed. If He had only wanted to accomplish His duty, since taking the cross was His duty, all He would have had to do was to enjoy His life and then to be crucified on the cross at the last moment.
Jesus deeply understood why God has sent Him in this earth. So even though at times He was not able to eat and rest, in order to heal and teach just one more soul, He did His ministry with all His heart and strength.
Finally when He took the cross and walked up Golgotha, He didn't confess in His heart, "Father, I love You. Even though I am hurting and it's so difficult, I can do it for You, Father." This would be the confession of a child who doesn't understand the heart of his father. Jesus said to God that many souls would receive salvation through His suffering, and He tried to reduce the sorrow of His Father by all means. "Father, I can overcome all these sufferings with the overflowing love of Father. Please don't mourn for me, and hold Your tears." He rather comforted God the Father.
If you love Father like this with the heart of an adult child, even when you do the smallest of your duties, your attitude and its fruit will be different. You will not think only of accomplishing the duty, but you will also do it with all your strength to make the procedures and the results pleasing to God.
If you truly desire to understand others' hearts, you should be able to clearly listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Then, you should resemble God the Father and change your heart into the heart of goodness and love.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
I urge you to check yourself, while deeply thinking about the true love of the Lord, to see how much you have accomplished this true love. May you become comfort and joy to God Father by fulfilling the true love that has endless forgiveness and mercy, never-changing love in any situation and the heart that can understand others' deep heart, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ I pray!




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