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쏛s a missionary, I will lead many souls into the arms of the Lord.
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First of all, I would like to thank the Lord for leading my life and for leading me to change into the gospel of holiness by meeting Dr. Jaerock Lee. Since I was little, my will was strong and I had a personality that couldn셳 tolerate injustice, so I often fought. ...

We have come from Canada in search of messages of life!

Manmin News   No. 80
August 20, 2006

Deacon Choon-ho Kim (43; Calgary, Canada)

I quit my job in 1996 and immigrated to Canada with my family. I had been growing increasingly skeptical of my job and life in general, and jumped on the "immigration bandwagon" that had been prevalent in Korea at the time.
Adjusting to a life as an immigrant family, however, was no easy task. I couldn't think of starting a business because of the language barrier. My wife and I tried to make ends meet by running day and night a gift shop, a bag store, and the like, but only a sense of emptiness and the weight of a life constantly pressed for money struck us.
As I became poor in spirit, I remembered the church I had attended and the messages I had heard back in Korea. I began attending a Korean-Canadian church nearby and experiencing the living God. Soon, peace settled in my heart and I was given courage in life.
Then one day in 1997, God led me to a new chapter in my life as a Christian. A friend of mine in Canada introduced to me Manmin Joong-ang Church and Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee, and gave me the cassette tapes of Rev. Dr. Lee's messages on "the five levels of faith." I had always been curious, asking myself, 'What is true faith?' and Rev. Dr. Lee's messages on the five levels of faith were truly refreshing. They explained to the minutest detail the nature of true faith, ways to measure one's own faith and help reach the perfect faith, the growth process of faith and corresponding heavenly rewards and crowns.
As Biblical questions about which I had long been curious were resolved one by one, like a ship with a sail in a tail wind, my life in Christ was rejuvenated. As I began seeking God's will regarding the life in a foreign land, I realized that God had a calling for me and decided to study theology to prepare for that calling.
In order to prepare for the tuition, we moved to Alberta where it was said to be relatively easier to make money. Yet, financial troubles continued while trials and the loneliness that made me feet like I was abandoned in a wilderness kept tormenting me.
As my family began to participate in worship services at Manmin Joong-ang Church on the Internet in 1998 and listen to Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee's messages of life, however, my family received great strength and encouragement and came to know God's love for us. Rev. Dr. Lee's messages of great spiritual depths on topics including heaven and hell, and "The Lectures on Genesis" gave us a fervent hope for heaven and became a guideline for our lives in Christ. Furthermore, God Himself provided basic necessities and allowed us to live on Our Lord's grace and love.
About two years ago, I had a dream in which the Senior Pastor told me, "Come to Seoul for a visit. It is better to do the work of Our Lord together." I thought to myself, 'I would love to visit Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee and the site of the Muan Sweet Water (Exodus 15:25) I've been hearing so much about!' and began praying with an earnest longing in my heart. Finally, with help from various people in my life, my family could get on a plane to Korea.
Upon arriving in July 2006 at Manmin Joong-ang Church I had longed to visit and see with my own eyes, I realized I'd been like a babe in the woods and felt like I'd just gotten out of the woods. I could feel the Holy Spirit within me jumping for joy as I saw in person Rev. Dr. Lee's wondrous manifestations of God's power and works of healing. I participated in all worship services, "The Daniel Prayer Meeting" held every evening, cell services, outreaches, and Spirit-filled fellowships with other members.
When I return to Canada, I vow to never forget this precious experience in my motherland and dedicate my life for the gospel of Our Lord!




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