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[Feature Story] 쁓elf-Righteousness that you insist your moral is superior to others
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There are the worldly righteousness, which is certainly against the will of God, and the self-righteousness formed on the foundation of the truth. The reason why it is not easy to discover self-righteousness is because those who have extensive knowledge of the truth and the faith to practice the truth to some extent may have formed it. ...

[Engraving in the heart!] The strength for success, is in the heart!

In December, we make new resolutions for a new year. We make plans for the next month, the next week, and for the next day. Now check your ...
Manmin News   No. 664
January 19, 2020
쏧 felt the touch of God who pours blessing upon Manmin Church

It was good to see how Manmin Central Church has grown up for the last 37 years in its 37th anniversary. It is surely the miracle and blessi ...
Manmin News   No. 660
November 14, 2019
쏮anmin has absolute faith in God and the works of God셲 power!

During this visit, my heart became full realizing that I am a part of the Manmin Family. The celebration performance was so beautiful. It wa ...
Manmin News   No. 660
November 13, 2019
[Interview] 쏶tanding firmly on faith, Manmin is walking the way of the Lord. Amazing!

The 37th anniversary celebration performance was so beautiful and amazing. It couldn셳 be any better than that. The constant emotion left me ...
Manmin News   No. 660
November 12, 2019
WCDN proves the works of God셲 power with medical science

WCDN is a network of Christian medical doctors around the world. It was founded to prove the divine healing cases with medical data. Since i ...
Manmin News   No. 659
October 20, 2019
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