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Thanksgiving for blessings
New Update
There are people who are grateful for small things, while some others complain even when they enjoy many things. Just as we can find shade even in midsummer with the scorching sun, although we are in an environment hard to overcome, there are many conditions to be grateful for. ...

[Christian Culture] Gospel Meets Electronic Music

- Electronic String Quartet "Miracle" -

Miracle a Front-runner in Gospel in Electronic Music
After its debut in October 2003, per ...
Manmin News  
November 13, 2005
My impression on Mnamin Joong-ang Church

Manmin Joong-ang Church leads the spiritual flow in Christianity during the 21st century
Rev. Joongman Lee (Senior Pastor of Sungkwang Me ...
Manmin News  
October 09, 2005
What is GCN?

In June of 2004, GCN was founded by 8 Christian broadcasters from 8 countries - USA, United Kingdom, Honduras, Guatemala, Russia, Australia, ...
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October 09, 2005
A Congratulatory Letter from Hon. Mr. David Waisman, Vice President of Peru

To my special joy, I give my best wishes and congratulations on the 23rd anniversary of Manmin Joong-ang Church to you, Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee ...
Manmin News  
October 09, 2005
[Feature Special] GCN opens its broadcast ministry toward the whole world in the coming October!

GCN (Global Christian Network)
GCN opens its broadcast ministry toward the whole world in the coming October!
The five-fold gospel fil ...
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August 03, 2005
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