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[Special] The kind of person who does not circumcise the heart
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When they accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, new believers are filled with joy and happiness because the problem of their sins is resolved and receive the Holy Spirit. ...

[Special 2] Handkerchief Crusade : Uganda Kampala Handkerchief Crusade ended up a great success

(Speaker: Rev. Dr. Myong-Ho Cheong, Place: Nakivubo Stadium)
Attended by a total of 140 thousand people! Fiery works of the Holy Spirit!< ...
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March 21, 2005
[Special 3] Transcending Time & Space : The Work of the Power that Transcends Time & Space

Rev. Dr. Myong-Ho Cheong always prays for the sick with the handkerchief on which Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee had prayed - the handkerchief in whic ...
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March 20, 2005
[Special 4] The Masai Region : "A Gust of the Holy Spirit Also Strikes the Masai Region"

On April 29~30, 2004, Rev. Dr. Myong-Ho Cheong was invited to speak at a crusade held at Karentharen Manmin Church, in a region where the Ma ...
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March 19, 2005
[Dr. Chung's Column] It's my fault

On the tombstone of a bishop, it is written as follows: "I had a dream to change the world when I was in youth, freedom and strong imaginati ...
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August 30, 2005
[The Lectures on Genesis Confirmed by Science] I am receiving abundant grace by the 'The Lectures on Genesis'!

Pastor. Wansoo Jung
(Pastor. Jung is a Doctor of Science, Senior Pastor of Calvary Church, and currently a professor in the Mathematics ...
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March 02, 2005
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