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쏧셫 healed of tuberculous lymphadenitis.
New Update
Around March 2022, there was a suppuration under the left ear and a discharge came out. When I went to see an otolaryngologist at a private hospital for a checkup, I was diagnosed with 쁳uberculous lymphadenitis, and I was recommended to have surgery immediately. ...

Our only child collided with a large SUV but she walked out of the accident scene unscathed.

Deaconess Chan-hye Park On our way to a market on Wednesday, January 11, 2006, my family was involved in a car a ...
Manmin News   No. 69
February19, 2006
A Story of a Family Abounding in Love and Blessing

Deaconess Jin-young Lee (5-21 st Parish, 2-5 Women's Mission)
I was born in Kwangju, Kyong-ki Province and attended mission schools but ...
Manmin News  
February 05, 2006
My body that had turned into a log from cerebral hemorrhage has been healed!

Deaconess Young-shim Lee (5-17 th Parish, 2-3 Women's Mission)
To me nowadays, everything looks beautiful and everyone is precious. This ...
Manmin News  
February 05, 2006
God Has Pulled Me Out of a Swamp of Depression

Deacon Sea-sup Shim (2-6th Parish, 1-1 Men's Mission)
On the Verge of Committing Suicide in Depression
When a financial crisis swept ...
Manmin News  
January 23, 2006
My Son's Appendicitis Has Been Healed Not by Surgery but by God's Power!

"I love those who love me; And those who diligently seek me will find me" (Proverbs 8:17).
Deacon Joon-hyuk Kim (Music teacher, Sa-pa El ...
Manmin News  
January 23, 2006
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