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A Positive Mindset
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A successful person tends to have a positive mindset. They usually overcome hardship with their positive mindset and efforts. In the same condition, success or failure depends on the mindset of each one. ...

Positive Thoughts and Faith

Manmin News   No. 92
April 2, 2007

When a doctor prescribes a digestive to a patient suffering from insomnia, the latter is said to fall fast and remain asleep comfortably for hours. When the doctor injects distilled water into the body of a patient with high fever, telling the patient that she is receiving an injection of febricide, the temperature wondrously droops.
From this we know that what matters the most is the kind of attitude we mold and possess. Even in our lives in Christ, positive thoughts and confessions of faith are extremely important. When we believe in the fact that God is able to create all things from nothing, we will be able to give God positive confessions of faith even in times of great difficulty and distress. Per such confessions of faith, God will fix His eyes upon us, keeping us out of harm's way, and prosper our ways.

"The LORD will protect you from all evil; He will keep your soul" (Psalm 121:7).
from Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee's column "The Way" carried on the daily newspaper, The Kyunghyang Newspaper




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